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Did You Know: You can view some statistics about our services to get a better idea of wait times and other interesting facts

Wide-Ranging Services Offered


Beyond legal services, we strive to provide holistic guidance and support; if approrpriate, we will connect you with accounting, business planning, and other professionals to provide assistance. Below you will find just some of the legal services we offer:


     - Entity selection and registration
     - State and local business licenses
     - Federal, state and local tax issues
     - Financing documents
     - Leases and other commercial contracts
     - Employment agreements
     - Trademark and copyright registration

     - Provisional patent applications and licensing agreements

     - Intellectual property counseling regarding branding, copyrights, trademarks,

       trade secrets, freedom to operate, unfair competition, antitrust, publicity rights

       and privacy rights

     - Business planning

     - Faculty Advising


Apply for Services


When you submit an application, you will be asked to complete a Powerpoint about your business (you can see what this Powerpoint looks like ahead of time, if you like). Please spend some time on the presentation file; it is formatted in such a way that you should be able to re-use through the lifecycle of your business for various purposes. Once you submit the presentation, you will be invited to a 15-minute client screening.


At the screening, there will be a number of people in attendance from various related service providers. You should focus on the most important parts of your presentation (you will not have time to get through the whole presentation), in particular on what services you are looking for. Potential clients are screened based on lean startup principles to evaluate their legal needs and business readiness. You need not bring any legal documents with you. At the end of the 15 minutes, you are done. Later in the day, you will receive a communication from the Clinic outlining how to proceed including references and referrals to other appropriate service providers.


If your business is ready for legal services with the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic, you will soon meet with a law student and Supervising Attorney. We will enter into a limited engagement by agreeing on an appropriate Statement of Work which outlines the scope of the legal services that we will provide. You will meet with the student and Supervisor regularly to discuss any work product. Once your Statement of Work is complete, we will close your client file.

Applicants from University of Wisconsin faculty, staff and student researchers must also have already filed an Invention Disclosure Report with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), or be prepared to file one before we can accept you as a client.


At times we have a backlog of potential clients seeking our services, you can check our stats page to see our current backlog. While we will respond to your application promptly, our waitlist to start legal services occasionally stretches to 90 days.