MadClass - An Update

Jeffrey Glazer
March 12, 2015

Sometimes decisions get made for you.


One of the threshold issues for this project is what direction to take it. As I mentioned in the previous posts, the choice was whether to make this a general purpose tool or whether to make this a specific tool. The point of the last post was to explore some of the potential users to help determine what the tool's highest and best use is.


As a general purpose tool, the survey would need to work for any type of business: consultants, non-profits, retail, biotech, IT, etc. As a specific tool, the survey would be finely tuned to work with a particular type of client: for example, companies that are on a high-growth track (bootstrap -> seed -> angel -> venture). The trade-off being that a general tool will be able to sort more businesses at the sacrifice of score precision; while the specific tool will sacrifice general applicability in favor of score precision. For example, in a general purpose tool, I might know that for two companies relative to each other, one score is higher than the other, so that company is probably "better" than the other (i.e., it is "accurate"), but the specific score may not be terribly precise. However, with the specific tool, I would be confident that one company's score of 52.5 and another's company score of 48.9 are accurate measures of their suitability for entrepreneurship and a measure of the current development (i.e., it is both accurate and precise).


Well, after some discussion here at the Clinic, the decision has been made: MadClass needs to be a general purpose tool for our purposes. If it is to be made a specific tool, then the survey needs to be forked. So, that's that. The survey will be made general purpose sacrificing precision for general applicability. Over the next few weeks I'm going to start digging back into the questions and re-thinking how to make it work.