Regenerative Investing

Jeffrey Glazer
September 7, 2015

It might seem hippy-dippy, but the new buzzword is "Regenerative Investment." We're not allowed to say "sustainable investing" - we need to move beyond being merely sustainable, to being regenerative. 


What does "Regenerative" mean? Ostensibly, it means not only to be sustainable, to sustain, or "to keep things the same" or "the status quo", but to "revert" to "bring back to a more natural state." Regenerative means restoring to a natural order; to work in-line with natural and ecological systems.


Our current food supply suffers from a number of problems that can, more or less, be linked back to agricultural incentives that work counter to, or even worse, actively destroy, natural systems. If left to its own devices, the earth's natural systems, like the body's natural antibodies, will not only keep its own systems in balance, but can even act as "white blood cells" to fight infestation, disease, and contamination. But when its systems are overwhelmed the destruction outweighs the system's ability to auto-correct.


Regenerative Investing is about finding and investing in companies that help to restore the balance. The target company does't just sustain the status quo (which assumes that status quo is a system of inherent destruction), but rather seeks to mitigate the destruction itself. 


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